ARUP Laboratories fund ACMG registration dues for UUGPGC students!


We are pleased to announce that Salt Lake City will be hosting the upcoming American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) Clinical Genetics Meeting in March 2015! This annual gathering attracts over 2,200 participants including leaders in the field of genetics and genomics. It provides genetics professionals, including genetic counselors, with information and training in how genetics and genomics are being integrated into current medical and clinical practice.  We are very fortunate that ARUP Laboratories has offered to fund the registration fee for all current UUGPGC students to attend this important meeting. This unique opportunity will allow our students full access to the Clinical Genetics Meeting including opportunities to learn from many experts in the field of genetics and genomics. To read more about the meeting please click HERE. (link is:


ARUP Laboratories ( is a non-profit, University of Utah-based, national clinical and anatomic pathology reference laboratory that provides a full range of medical tests, including an impressive array of genetic tests. They have been actively involved in the training of UUGPGC students since the program’s inception. There are currently nine genetic counselors employed by ARUP. The laboratories are also the site for a 3-week full-time rotation for second year UUGPGC graduate students allowing them the opportunity to have hands on training on the principles and practice of genetic testing and non-traditional genetic counseling.


Thank you, ARUP Laboratories, for your generous donation and continued support of our program!