Danielle LaGrave – MS, LCGC graduated from the California State University, Northridge genetic counseling program as a member of the very first graduating class in 1996. Since graduation, she has worked in various specialties, including prenatal, cancer and industry. A CaliforniaUtah in 2005 to accept a position at ARUP Laboratories and currently specializes in both maternal serum screening and cytogenetics. She is an animal lover, and finds that one of the biggest advantages of living in Utah native, Ms. LaGrave moved to is that she can have LOTS of animals. She currently shares her home with 3 dogs (2 German Shepherds and a Belgian Malinois), a cat, 2 sheep, 2 goats, various chickens, and occasional foster dogs and cats. She trains and competes with her dogs in several performance venues, including agility, obedience and herding. She teaches genetic counseling students in the Genetic Counseling Laboratory Rotation and serves on the Admissions Committee.