Genetic Counselors and the National Society of Genetic Counselors celebrated the first annual Genetic Counselor Awareness Day this past November 9, 2017!  This important day was dedicated to empowering genetic counselors to help raise awareness and interest about genetic counselors in our local communities and healthcare institutions, and to help consumers understand the importance and supportive role genetic counselors can play in their healthcare.

The UUGPGC was excited to celebrate this special day along with genetic counselors around the world!  As part of their social media series highlighting the event, the National Society of Genetic Counselors featured incredible stories of genetic counselors that embody the profession. Our program director and NSGC past president, Karin Dent, was featured as one of these individuals!

The UUGPGC students, faculty, and staff look forward to continuing to educate healthcare providers and consumers about our unique, specialized skills and knowledge!

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