On August 30, 2018, the UUGPGC Class of 2019, along with several local genetic counselors, participated in telegenetics training presented by the Western States Regional Genetics Network or WSRGN (www.westernstatesgenetics.org). The purpose of the training was to help genetic counselors provide increased access to genetic services and education through telegenetics. The training included an overview of telemedicine technology, demonstration and discussion of appropriate use and set up of the equipment, creation and evaluation of telemedicine business proposals, simulated role plays using the telemedicine equipment, and presentation of policy issues including Utah telemedicine laws. In addition to the in-person and hands-on training in Salt Lake City, participants viewed several hours of preparatory on-line modules and webinars. We are grateful to the Mountain States Regional Genetics Network (www.mountainstatesgenetics.org) for providing funding to the WSRGN in allowing our genetic counseling community to benefit from this comprehensive and relevant training.