Why Utah?

We encourage you to explore the many benefits of living and learning about genetics in Utah. Aside from being a center for genetics and genetics research in the west, there are many leisure and recreational activities that students enjoy throughout the year. Learn more by clicking here.

What are the required prerequisites for the UUGPGC?

The ideal candidate for the program has successfully completed all required prerequisite courses with above average GPA. They have also demonstrated a sound understanding of the genetic counseling profession and have extensive experience with crisis counseling, advocacy, and/or shadowing.

What are the important dates for applying?

Applications are accepted beginning September for the following Fall admission. The deadline to apply is January 15th.

What is the tuition for attending the UUGPGC?

Estimated tuition rates are available by clicking here.

What is the ABGC certification exam pass rate for UUGPGC alumni?

The ACGC recommends that all accredited programs post their pass rates for the certification exam. At the UUGPGC, part of our curriculum includes focused review for the ABGC certification exam. We are very proud of our alumni for taking advantage of the opportunities allotted to them during their training and the average pass rate of our students has consistently been higher than the national pass rate.