At the University of Utah, we recognize that clinical rotations are an excellent opportunity and critical component in providing students with hands on training for their future profession. Students will participate in six week rotations in pediatric genetics, perinatal genetics, cancer genetics, clinical specialty genetics clinics (such as metabolic, adult, cardiology, neurology, etc.), and an elective, student-designed rotation for a total of six rotations. In each clinical rotation, students will practice genetic counseling skills under the supervision of a board-certified genetic counselor often in collaboration with other medical professionals who are intimately familiar with the field of genetic counseling. The required elective rotation is a unique component of the UUGPGC that allows students to explore their own specialized field of interest often under the mentorship of an experienced genetic counselor. Below is a growing list of rotation sites:


Institution/Department Fieldwork Sites
University of Utah/Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Perinatal Genetics
Intermountain Medical Center/Division of Maternal & Fetal Medicine Perinatal Genetics
University of Utah/Department of Pediatrics – Primary Children’s Hospital Pediatric Genetics and Metabolic Genetics
University of Utah/Huntsman Cancer Hospital Cancer Genetics
Intermountain Medical Center/Oncology Cancer Genetics
University of Utah/ Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia Specialty Clinic (HHT)
University of Utah Department of Neurology Specialty Clinic (Pediatric and Adult Neurology)
University of Utah Department of Cardiology Specialty Clinic (Adult Cardiology)
Intermountain Healthcare/Pediatric Cardiology Specialty Clinic (Pediatric Cardiology)
Intermountain Healthcare/Adult Cardiology Specialty Clinic (Adult Cardiology)
Pregnancy Risk Line Specialty Clinic (Teratology)
Genomic Medicine Institute at the VA Specialty Clinic (Adult, telehealth)
Myriad Genetic Laboratories Laboratory Genetics
ARUP Laboratories Laboratory Genetics


Students also have the opportunity to travel out of state to complete one of their six-week clinical rotations in the summer between their first and second year, and possibly during the school year. Previous students have completed rotations at many different sites around the country and internationally.