The table below shows our estimates for tuition under different scenarios. For information about other financial aid, please visit

Below is the approximate tuition and fees for the full 21-month program if students were attending in 2023-2025 (UUGPGC Class of 2025). The program is for 5 semesters, including the summer between the first & second year. You will pay tuition each semester. If students register for additional courses, extend their independent research project, etc., they will need to register for additional tuition and fees. The cost of textbooks is not included. Tuition payments are due at the beginning of each semester.

*Please note that the below is provided as a courtesy and is an estimate. Tuition rates are subject to change.

Estimated UUGPGC total program tuition & fees for 21-months:

  Yrs of UT Residency No Fellowship 1 Semester Fellowship 2 Semester Fellowship
Resident 2 56,582 49,003 41,426
Non-Resident 1st Yr 1 85,035 62,851 41,426
International 0 110,459 88,275 66,849

Matriculated graduate students can apply for residency in their last 2 semesters if they have established legal ties to Utah and completed 40 credit hours in courses numbered 5000 or above. This credit hour level should be reached by the end of summer semester. All students pay resident rates in the summer. International students cannot qualify for Utah residency, but can qualify for fellowship awards. For rules about residency visit:

All students are strongly advised to have health insurance coverage. Students may be enrolled in a group or individual policy, have coverage on their parents’ or spouse’s insurance, or have student health insurance see-( Students are also encouraged to have health insurance coverage for their dependents, if applicable. The program does not cover the cost of health insurance.

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