We are a visionary, integrated team of clinicians, scientists, and educators dedicated to establishing excellence in tomorrow’s genetic counselors. We accomplish this by:

  • Providing current information using diverse educational techniques,
  • Fostering professionalism in accordance with the NSGC Code of Ethics, and
  • Building outstanding skills in communication, scholarship, research, and life-long learning.

While the University of Utah has a national and international reputation as a center of excellence in genetics, we understand that our knowledge of genetics is constantly growing. That is why our curriculum committee meets regularly to ensure that course content continues to reflect the ever-changing field of genetics.

Our program is designed to guide students through the training process and help them develop into knowledgeableeffective, and supportive genetic counseling professionals. The program curriculum is also designed to prepare students for all settings of practice, including non-traditional roles.


The Vision of the University of Utah

The “One U” vision of the University of Utah is to work together to solve big problems in society and to optimize our campus resources to create an exceptional educational experience for our learners.”

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